In Action

A Legacy that Lives On!

My name is Seung.

I have been helping students achieve their dream results, all over NSW and more recently in the Gosford area for over 10 years. I am a fully qualified high school Mathematics teacher currently working at a high school on the Central Coast, and I have a passion, a gift, and the experience for helping students to understand the often daunting world of Mathematics.

My teaching experience has taken me to all types of schools that are diverse in ethnicity, culture, social status, abilities and talents: from the very top selective and private schools in the state to outback country schools.

This wasn’t always the case, after making many a career choice that didn’t bring me the fulfillment I was searching for, I found my calling in continuing a legacy that goes back to the generation before me.


SKY Academy was founded by my father. As a matter of fact, “SKY” is my father’s initials: Su-kil Yi. He started the academy in the 1980, with the primary aim to teach Maths; initially to students of the growing Korean community in Sydney which then grew to include all students in the local areas he operated.

With a method and philosophy based around heavily monitored self paced mastery, and building on well laid foundations, he often achieved results for his students that even they could not believe. Many went on to high paying and very illustrious careers and the difference that having the right method and support, at the right time in their lives, has made a profound difference to them.

I take pride in continuing that legacy. In 2014, I created an eBook entitled, “Does My Child Need A Tutor?” It features an insight into the SKY Academy Methodology. It also explains the 7-Step Method used by the SKY Academy, emphasizing how SKY Academy’s teaching style can be so effective for students undertaking it. For a free copy, please click here to contact me.

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