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SKY Academy is the Central Coast’s premier mathematics tutoring service. For over 10 years, we have been turning average marks into results that local students and parents alike can truly be proud of, all for a reasonable price. Whether your child needs help understanding the basics, or it’s simply time to cram for that all important exam, SkyAcademy has got you covered.

Our Services
Highly Effective tuition that is guaranteed to improve results. Small group or one on one tuition is available) SKY Academy classes are fun, collaborative and engaging.

Enrolment (Special Offer)
It’s never too late to begin: whatever your child’s level of mathematics, we can help them improve. Now taking enrolments for 2019. See our Special Introductory offer for February only.

Group Vs Individual Lessons

We offer the best of both worlds. We have options for group and individual lessons, depending on your preferences and your family’s specific needs. As you can imagine, our one on one lessons are a premium service and are priced accordingly. However, over the years, we have created and refined a group experience model that is more affordable and just as (if not more) effective. Whether you decide upon one or the other, in either case, you have the comfort of knowing that we utilise our signature “SKY Academy Methodology”. Tailoring such and approach to each student’s specific needs has proven to be effective with many countless students.

A Unique Methodology Which Gets Results

SKY Academy is based in Gosford, and offers a premium maths tutoring service to local students, for an affordable price. Our methods are based on collaborative learning, where the teacher and the students work together. We seek to make each lesson fun and engaging for our students to ensure that the often complex formulas and theories they need to learn become firmly embedded in their knowledge. SKY Academy’s small class sizes (up to five students per class) ensure that each student is properly engaged with the subject matter, and our methods work best over the course of the term so that the tutor can get to know the student, work out problem areas, and tailor our techniques to their learning. SKY Academy’s services are comprised of three modules included in every 75 minute class, which work together to provide a complete learning experience for the student.

1. Basic Skills

Think of this as warming up the brain – we train the students to master the basic skills and techniques they need to excel at mathematics. Comprised of levels of increasing difficulty, this module uses the principle of practice and repetition to ensure the basic mathematical foundations become second nature.

2. Core Theory

The Core Theory module takes the fundamentals learned in the previous module, and teaches students to apply them to the 2014 National Australian Mathematics Curriculum like all HSC subjects, and the NESA New Curriculum changes of 2019. Mathematics has key learning outcomes that examination writers and markers have to cover. This module prepares the students for exactly what the curriculum covers, making them battle-ready for those tough examinations.

3. Individual Development And Troubleshooting

For every hour of class time, the SKY Academy believes and wholeheartedly recommends three hours of individual study, to work on areas for improvements and development specific to the needs of each student. We help to tailor an individual study program to the weaknesses of each student, to ensure that they work through sticking points and become the best they can be.

Support Outside The Classroom

Study Lounge

But the learning doesn’t stop outside of our classes: SKY Academy has an industry leading system of support outside the classroom. Our prices include 5 optional fortnightly drop in classes, which we call “the Study Lounge” where students can bring homework and ask questions.

Exclusive Online Members Group

Also included in the course is access to the SKY Academy Online Membership group, a closed group where teaching resources are shared, and students can ask questions. Our methods are inclusive, collaborative, and designed to get the results you desire.

Mathematics is a high-scaling subject which can greatly affect your university ATAR. Good HSC mathematics marks can mean the difference between your dream university course, and your second option. Don’t wait, it’s never too late to improve your ATAR! Take advantage of our back to school offer and click here to enroll for 2019!

Offer for the 1st Term of 2019

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